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Dr. Kamila Moulaï  

Get to Know Me...

"Intellectual passion can be a fire that is extinguished in the silence of the smouldering. It can, however, also be the kindling that precedes the flame.." 


                            Kamila Moulaï. Of Implosions and Blossoming: a doctoral Journey, 2020

I am...Passion 



I am passionate about social interactions. In these, I can observe and touch the ultimate profusion of thoughts.


The human spirit is full of mysteries. Embarking on a journey where I have the opportunity to capture some of these human secrets is not an aim; it is part of a discovery. I like to put human thoughts at the core of my research. And one of the ways I have found to do so is to offer people's words a place.


I listen to people's words and silences. I love humans' thoughts, the way they connect to shape dreams, and embrace discoveries.


Words are more than aesthetic ersatz, more than the meaning they convey. Words are the ultimate power given to humans. 


I use them to interpret realities, to create the unseen, to unveil feelings and thoughts. 

I believe in inner discoveries more than I believe in external changes.  


Paper Diary
Dr. Kamila Moulaï 


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