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*REIYS© initiative supports the Sustainable Development Goals 3; 4 and 5
*REIYS embraces Rotterdam School of Management's mission  'Be a force for positive change in the world ".  

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Let's rethink together the meaning of success...

REIYS© believes that the way we define success varies from a person to another. This is simply because many subjective aspects shape one's aspirations, desires, and purposes.  REIYS embraces this subjectivity and shifts the focus toward one simple question: What if success was about "Who You Really Want to Be" ?

Above the Clouds

Our Mission

"REIYS© aims at helping you to align with your aspirations; develop your confidence in your abilities; become ignited in your ambitions; so you can bring and develop your true self & own creativity to become ready to shape the kind of success that resonates with you." 

Core Belief 

Two Types of Activitives

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