Being the Self and the Other 

"Subjectivity betrays oneself, or is rather translated in formulae enshrouded by self and crystallised in writing. This translation is often associated with a writer’s individual style, but it harbours more than what others tend to grasp or even wish 

to allow. It betrays, in fact, the ways of thinking that are at the 

origin of what I like to call the traits of self. Often, the reason 

and form of bursts of expressive passion are reduced to the 

sum  of  intellectual  efforts  and  mere  hints  of  individuality. "

Kamila Moulaï. Of Implosions and Blossoming: a doctoral journey, 2020

Being Unconventional 

"Time is what we create to constrain the taste of life. And to those who think that we cannot escape this reality, I tell you, Space is the Key. If we decide to indulge in the distance in order to better overcome it, we will find that words convey the fullness of our thoughts. There is, ultimately, no moment that we will ever miss. They are all lodged somewhere, in a safe place that we call our mind. And once we perceive some of the hints of this other reality, we begin to understand that the endless blessing has a name: authenticity."

Kamila Moulaï. Of Moves and Humans: Expatriation Journeys That Matter. ,2020

Being the Observer 


"The body is at the same time flesh and place, in an intertwining that embraces the threefold nature of attention. But when the eye of a camera enters into action, it observes the body apprehended in its function, contextually situated in the working environment.

Yet, the camera caresses every single move of those bodies as much as it looks at them. Looking closer shows a banalization in the workplace of the manifestation of the desire to engage with that which has always driven the individual: the idea of possessing a body."

Kamila Moulaï.Video Surveillance in Working Contexts and Business Legitimacy: A Foucauldian Approach. Handbook of Business Legitimacy, Springer. Rendtorff J. (eds), 2020