Investigating the impact of modern structures on individual lived work experiences

I focus on two contexts: 

1). Globalization                                                   2). (dematerialized) Sociomateriality 

The self-initiated expatriation of highly qualified workers 

TheImpact of technologies on workers

My doctoral thesis "Of Moves and Humans: Expatriation Journeys That Matter" aimed at reconstructing the intra-organizational emancipatory project of highly qualified Self-initiated Expatriate workers. 

Building on a multidisciplinary approach, I analyzed the interplay between workers’ aspirations and intra-organizational constraints through, among others, the capture of underlying identity-processes. 


You can find an online version of my monograph here. 

My work was presented at different conferences (for instance: AOM; EGOS, SMA; EURAM). 


Papers are currently under review (revise and resubmit) in journals. I connected expatriation with talent management; voluntary turnover; emancipation; identity, and more. 

To what extent does technology reconfigure subjectification dynamics?

What tools do we have to investigate technological change? 

Using a disability lens


Work: Does the co-existence with technology shape a new identity?

Academy of Management proceedings


My work was presented at conferences such as AOM, Surveillance Studies Network, Critical Management Studies and more 

Example of work: